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Top 100 Songs

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For music buff’s around, it’s just scrolling through fluctuating top 100 songs to hunt the best tracks. There aren’t lesser charts of top 100 to complicate things either. The only way out is to rely on those, which are the standard one’s in music industry.

In United States, music industry’s Billboard Hot 100 issued weekly by Billboard magazine are standard-bearers in singles popularity chart. The top 100 songs on Billboard charts are widely-circulated and the magazine publishes reports on songs, which have been popular throughout United States over the last five decades. Well, you may find competing publications such as Radio & Records, Cash Box, and Record World often with different opinions.

Basis of selection

The way songs take to the Hot 100 today, was not the same always. Earlier in the 1940s and 1950s, the popular singles were placed in three significant charts - best sellers in stores, most played by jockeys, most played in jukeboxes. Even if all the three carried equal weightage, the historian referred the best sellers in stores chart when considering a song’s performance, before the Hot 100 came into being.

Gradually Billboard produced a fourth singles popularity chart the Top 100, surrounding all aspects of a single’s performance – sales, airplay and jukebox. This was based upon a point system typically favoring sales (purchases) over radio airplay.

Soon Billboard evolved the Hot 100 based on one main all-genre singles chart. However, quite similar to the Top 100, the first Hot 100 chart reorganizes top100 songs’- "weeks on chart". Today the Hot 100 has grown up to the industry standard

Hot 100 chart rankings are based on airplay and sales. The sales tracking continues from Monday to Sunday, whereas the airplay is tracked from Wednesday to Tuesday. Every week you receive a new chart, compiled and officially released by Billboard on Thursday.

Types of songs

You get a variety of songs including hip-hop, country, rock, adult contemporary, R&B, gospel, Latin and Christian formats. All these types of songs are digitally monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

In reply to the criticism of the Hot 100 of being biased to rhythmic songs, predominantly as a pop chart, it now releases a separate new chart of Pop 100.

UK Singles Chart of top 100 songs

Well if you are one of those looking for top 100 songs on UK, you’ll have to go through the UK Singles Chart presently compiled by The Official UK Charts Company (OCC) on behalf of the British record industry. This chart week lasts from Sunday to Saturday and chart is compiled on a Sunday afternoon. UK singles chart holds a fair amount of importance in the record industry.

The UK charts include Top 200 Singles and Top 200 Artist Albums, which are published by Charts Plus - an independent chart newsletter. From the charts you can get the top 100 songs, combining the downloads and record sales. Although the official chart generally considers Top 75, only the top 40 is commonly reported to the wider public.

BBC Radio 1 broadcasts an official chart of top 20 on Sunday evenings, presented by JK and Joel. It’s also a good option to look into for the Top 20 singles.

The Music Week or its online version also publishes Top 75 singles and albums charts which include – producer, songwriter, publisher, and label credits, plus a wide selection of other sales charts.

Are these top 100 songs relevant?

Now, the top 100 songs are mostly ranked on the basis of singles sales. As singles have turn out to be less popular form of song release, the top 100 only represent a minor section of sales themselves, so you can’t fully rely on the charts.

Again there are several artists who deliberately maximize their chart positions through strategizing. So you’ll see that the history of popular music shows some notable failures of chart featuring top 100 songs.