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Enya Music

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“Orinoco Flow”, recognized by some as “Sail Away”, was the first song in 1988 that put the Irish singing sensation Enya and Enya music into limelight and gave it international fame. Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin, now known to the world as Enya Brennan, a four-time winner of the prestigious Grammy Award, was also nominated for the Academy Award as a songwriter. Her inclination towards music was perhaps inevitable, as she belongs to a family of musicians and singers.

Enya, who started off her solo career with the infamous musician and actor Prince and his wife, later recorded the soundtrack for The Frog Prince, a 1984 movie. Her first major commercial success though, came with A Day without Rain, an album that won her a Grammy Award in the year 2000. Enya received her fourth Grammy Award in the year 2007 for her music for her album Amarantine.

Her song “Only Time” from A Day without Rain was used as a background track by a number of television and radio stations while reporting the 9/11 attacks. Her other song, “May it be”, a great example of Enya music which has no connections with any war was also used for reports on violence in Afghanistan. Such association of Enya music to violence has dismayed several of her fans.

The distinctive quality of Enya music can perhaps be accredited to the fact that it draws a great deal from Irish and Welsh music traditions. A singer who has never performed in a live concert, Enya hesitates to categorize her music into any generic classification.

Her albums, include:

  • Enya
  • Watermark
  • Shepherd Moons
  • The Celts
  • The Memory of Trees
  • Paint the Sky with Stars
  • A Day without Rain
  • Amarantine
  • Sounds of the season

Each of these albums has left an indelible impression on her fans. It is with a lot of quivering anticipation that her fans wait for her subsequent music albums. Living in Dublin, Enya remains an extremely private person despite her fame. The popularity of Enya music can be measured by the fact that her albums sell millions of copies worldwide irrespective of the fact that she does not give any live performances at stage shows.