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Enya May It Be

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The great melodies live forever, and this is true about “enya may it be”. Enya May It Be is one of the best melodies; one of the most fantastic musical creations; and one of the finest expressions of the Celtic Music or New Age Music.

‘May It Be’ is the hit song by the renowned Irish singer Enya. The song is sometimes known as enya may it be because of its extreme popularity. The song was initially released as a single in 2002 together with "Isobella" and "The First of Autumn" as accompanying tracks.

If you haven’t heard enya may it be, the song goes as follows –

“May it be an evening star, Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls, Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road, Oh! How far you are from home….”

The song is one of the all time hottest songs from Enya. It belongs to the Celtic & New Age genres of the music. The song debuted at number one in Germany, but unfortunately failed to make the Top 40 in the United Kingdom.

The song got the world wide attention when it found place in the 2001 Academy Award winning movie. Enya may it be song has been featured in the 2001 movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” The song was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song category at the 2002 ceremonies, but unluckily it lost to Randy Newman's "If I Didn't Have You" from Monsters, Inc.

Singer Hayley Westenra has covered enya may it be on her 2005 album Odyssey. Simon Cowell's newly discovered group, Angelis recently has also done a cover of the song on their self titled debut album.

If you want the song right in your PC, you may access enya may it be online. You may find a number of music sites offering you Enya music, free Enya, or Enya music downloads. You can download the song online and enjoy it.