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Celtic Music

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The category of Celtic music, what this kind of music comprises of, the techniques, etc. are extremely debatable issues. Celtic refers to certain areas in Western Europe. The word Celtic derives from the word Celts. Celts referred to the people who spoke in the Celtic languages. In modern parlance, Celts are the people living in areas such as:

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Cornwall
  • Brittany
  • Celtic US
  • Man
  • Northern Spain
  • Celtic Canada

Celtic Music Today

Today, one can safely say that Celtic music is a term used for primarily commercial purposes. There is no other validation of such a term any more. The original music of the Celts was lost a long time ago. Today, no one has any clue about how such kind of music would have actually sounded. The areas, which are now known as Celtic, have extremely distinct musical traditions. They have little or nothing in common.

The term Celtic music is perhaps used most commonly in the context of Irish and Scottish music. Nevertheless, again, such use is forced by the concerns of the commercial world. The musicians themselves resist all such labeling. It is perhaps due to similar concerns that a number of “Celtic” regions hold Celtic music festivals.

Modern musicians like Alan Stivell and Steeleye Span, attempted to create a popular genre of pan-Celtic music through their compositions. Their music had traces of a number of new age popular genres other than traditional folk tunes. Brittany, perhaps, has the richest culture of Celtic music. A few American bands have even attempted to come up with their own adaptations of Celtic music.

Celtic music has gained popularity in not only these Celtic regions but has been hugely successful in the United Sates of America and Canada as well. The record sales for this genre of music are often phenomenal. The colorful music appeals to diverse set of sensibilities.