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Book of Days Enya

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If asked to comment on her 1991 track Book of Days, Enya cannot but help betray her pride. The song appeared in her album Shepherd Moons. This song appeared three years after she had created a niche for herself in the International music scene with her song Orinoco Flow, from the album Watermark. This song was used as the theme track of Ron Howard’s Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman movie Far and Away.

After Book of Days Enya delivered a number of other hit tracks, though Shepherd Moons was the album which won her her first Grammy Award in 1993 in the category of the Best New Age Album. After her first Grammy Award, there was no stopping Enya. In a little more than a decade, she has won four Grammy Awards.

In the year 1992, the track featured on number ten on the UK Official Singles Chart. The song was earlier recorded with Gaelic lyrics and was later translated into English. The earlier copies of the album were released without the translated version of the song. The album, Shepherd Moons topped the UK and US charts for the best album in the year 1991 soon after its release.

In the song Book of Days Enya has illustrated and laid bare her vocal talents to the core absenting the scope of any doubt about her musical talent. The song also featured in three other albums after this, which includes

  • Watermark
  • On the Shore
  • Exile
  • The Best of Enya

Of her beautiful collection of songs, in Book of Days Enya outshines herself, to produce a song that has been acclaimed internationally and stands in the same league as her infamous track Orinoco Flow. The song establishes beyond all doubt that Enya is one of the finest new age musicians who has been successful in striking the intricate balance between traditional Irish music, as well as the new age genres like rock and jazz.

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