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Best of Enya

If you are a fan of Enya's Music then “Best of Enya” is an album that you cannot ignore. Released in 1997, the album contains twenty of Enya's most popular tracks. The album, which runs for a duration of about a little less than ninety minutes, contains the following Enya numbers:

  • Orinoco Flow
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Only Time Anywhere
  • How Can I Keep from Singling
  • Wild Child
  • Book of Days
  • Storm in Africa
  • Only If
  • A Day Without Rain
  • The Celts
  • Watermark
  • Flora's Secret
  • Tempus Vernum
  • Deora Ar Mo Chroi
  • Lazy Days
  • The First of Autumn
  • Fallen Embers
  • Pilgrim
  • One by One

There are two versions of the “Best of Enya” album. The 1998 “Paint the Sky with Stars” version of the cd has sixteen tracks in it. A number of websites sell both versions of this album. Before buying the albums, one can compare prices online. The prices vary from website to website. A few sites sell these albums at very low prices because of ongoing sales. Most of the sites have rated Enya's albums with four and a half out of five stars.

A few fans feel that although the “Best of Enya” album is amazingly powerful when one hears it for the first time but loses its zing after listening to it repeatedly. However, a critique of this sort is uncalled for as this will be true for any new thing. Repeated usage wears out the novelty of the object and we begin to lose interest in it.

The “Best of Enya” album is a collection of the finest songs by one of the finest of Irish musicians. A bigger proof of the album's success than the phenomenal sale of the album even after ten years of its release is perhaps not possible. The Grammy winning songstress weaves magic with this magnificent album casting a spell on all her fans.

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