Scottish Folk Music

Scotland is globally known for its typical genres of music. The Traditional Scottish music is harmonious, memorable and inspiring. The Scottish folk music is greatly influenced by both Irish and English traditional music. It is also known for its growing number of folk music groups. Capercaillie is one of the most celebrated scottish folk music groups.

The musical instruments often used in the folk music of Scotland include accordion, fiddle, bagpipes, harp, tin whistle, guitar etc. Foreigners often relate BAGPIPES with the Scottish traditional/folk music, as they are the national music-instruments of Scotland.

Bagpipes play a very significant role in the Scottish music. The pìob mórs, or Highland bagpipes are the most classifiable scottish folk music instruments, which were specifically made for clan pipers to be used for different, often military or marching, purposes.

The folk music of Scotland is lively and vivacious. In 1960s, the scottish folk music was revivified by artistes comprising Ewan MacColl, Alex Campbell, Jean Redpath and Dick Gaughan and groups like The Gaugers, The Corries and The McCalmans, The Dubliners. The scottish folk music became widely popular by of the 60s.

There are many present-day songsters plus traditionalists such as Eric Bogle, Hamish Imlach, Battlefield Band, Tannahill Weavers, Dick Gaughan, Dougie MacLean, Phil Cunningham & Aly Bain, who have been greatly popularizing the Scotland’s traditional/folk music world-wide.

The scottish folk music stands for the culture, belief, and rituals of Scotland. The most notable of the folk music was initially formed by Music Hall performers such as Harry Lauder and Will Fyffe. The more modern followers’ of the Scottish folk music include Glen Daly, Kenneth McKellar Moira Anderson, Andy Stewart and the Alexander Brothers.

Some of the celebrated folk music groups of Scotland include The Easy club, Eggplant, Five Hand Reel, The Gowries, Hom Bru, Homebrew, Dingly Dell, Deaf Shepherd, The Clutha, Ceolbeg, Ossian, Rapscallion, New Celeste, The Laggan, Kontraband, The JSD Band, Battlefield Band, Avalon, Chorda Cleich, and The Ideal Band.