Notre Dame Irish

The University of Notre Dame is often known as ‘The University Of Notre Dame Irish,’ or simply Notre Dame Irish. The university is geographically located in north central Indiana about four miles (6 km) from the Michigan state line and north of South Bend, Indiana.

The university of notre dame irish has inherited its nickname – notre dame irish – from Irish immigrant soldiers who fought in the Civil War with New York City's Irish Brigade. Notre Dame," meaning "Our Lady" in French refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The sports athletic teams of the university are often referred to as Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Located in Notre Dame, Indiana, immediately northeast of South Bend, Indiana, United States, the university of notre dame irish is a Roman Catholic institution; about 82% of the students of the university of notre dame irish are Roman Catholics.

The Roman Catholic character of the notre dame irish university is physically visible throughout the university campus. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is centrally located on campus of the university. The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands atop the Main Building's dome, there are chapels in every residence hall, and crucifixes in most classrooms on campus of the notre dame irish university.

The campus of the notre dame irish university is spread over 1,250 acres (5 km²) containing two lakes and 136 buildings. Founded on November 26, 1842, the notre dame irish was granted its charter on January 15, 1844 by the Indiana General Assembly under the name University of Notre Dame du Lac.