Portable MP3 Players

Zens, Zunes, iPods, all of the many varieties of portable mp3 players, have invaded homes around the country, and they show no sign of picking up and leaving anytime soon. And while their use can seem cut and dry—put on some headphones and you're off!—there is more than meets the eye to portable mp3 players, especially for the savvy. The following guide will let you in on some insider tricks to get a bit more from your mp3 player.

One of the major complaints that people have about portable mp3 players is that they always have to use their headphones to listen to the music stored on them. This can be a pain, for instance, when you are driving in your car or when you want to sit back in a chair and just relax. But it's easy to adapt your mp3 player to your car radio with a FM adapter. This device plugs into portable mp3 players and “broadcasts” the songs they play onto an FM frequency. When you buy an FM adapter for your mp3 player, make sure to get one with a range of frequencies and that also functions as a charger, since different areas have different available frequencies, and broadcasting uses up the battery life of portable mp3 players quickly.

Many portable mp3 players also a wide variety of personalization options, like Mickey Mouse carrying cases, faceplates and more. Whatever your interest, there is a purse, bag, carrying case, face-plate or something like one to show it off. There's no better way to make an mp3 player more your own than to combine it with something you love.

It can be a pain to share music stored on portable mp3 players with other people if all you have are headphones. This is why speaker accessories that you simply hook up your mp3 player to are a good idea, especially if it is what you use as your stereo. These serve both as a charger and speakers for portable mp3 players. Dock it when you get home and listen to your favorite songs with your friends.