iPod MP3 Player

Apple's iPod mp3 player is the most popular portable music device to hit the market since the Walkman. It's revolutionized the way that people of all stripes and tastes listen to music, and is owned by more people than any of its competitors. The iPod mp3 player has also spawned an entire industry of widgets and accessories that vie for iPod owner's attention and money. Some of these are winners, and others, losers.

The best accessories for an iPod mp3 player tend to be the ones that make sense. For instance, because the iPod needs to be charged when you get it home but you still might want to listen to the music that is on it, a docking station that acts as speakers and a charger at the same time is a good idea. It makes sense. If you are thinking about taking advantage of this idea for yourself, remember that there is a very great range in price and quality of speaker docking stations: read a couple of reviews of the model you're looking at before you buy one. Likewise with carrying cases: they protect your iPod mp3 player from dings and scratches, and can be a fashion statement at the same time, but cheaply made ones are not worth the investment. If you are thinking about an accessory for your iPod, consider whether or not it makes sense for you, and then read some reviews of it. If it does, and the reviews are good, it's a good accessory.

The worst accessories for the iPod mp3 player tend to be those that are simply and absurdly trying to cash in on the iPod phenomenon. The iPod community was abuzz last year over the release of an iPod toilet dispenser, which charged an iPod mp3 player while one attended to business. That of course is an extreme, example. When browsing iPod accessories, use the golden rule: if it makes sense for you, it's good; if it doesn't, it's not.

Whatever your personal tastes, the iPod mp3 player will continue to offer a vast array of accessories. The best way to get your hands on real prizes (and avoid real losers) is to exercise a bit of good sense and consult what the iPod community has to say before buying.