Irish Song

The republican spirit of Ireland is epitomized by the Irish music and Irish song “A Nation Once Again”. The BBC World service poll voted this song as the top tune in the entire world. Thomas Osbourne David is the lyricist of this beautiful song. He wrote this song as far back as the 1840s. The song though, was recorded a century later in 1964. It would be interesting to note that this song topped the list beating about fifty-five tracks by the phenomenal band – The Beatles.

The Irish are perhaps the most famous for their Irish music. The Chauncey Olcott produced “An Irish Lullaby” is a famous Irish song drew its inspiration from a stage production. James Royce Shannon wrote this song in the year 1913. The soothing lyrics and the harmonious beats of the song are probably responsible for the song's popularity.

“Bog Down in the Valley” is another popular Irish song often recognized as “Rattling Bog”. Despite the song's popularity, the composer of this piece cannot be traced. “Come out Ye Black and Tans” is a popular Irish war song. The lyrics of this song are by Steven Beehan. The song falls into the generic category of traditional Irish music.

The Irish music tradition has produced songs for every occasion. Each song is distinct and contributes to the vibrancy of the entire tradition. “Rosin the Beau”, for example, is a popular Irish song sung in the taverns or generally while drinking. There are also a number of romantic songs in the huge treasure chest of Irish music. “Lish Young Buy-A-Broom” is an example of a song from this genre. This song narrates the tale of a girl who leaves her lover and goes to Germany.

Irish music is rich in its diversity and has grown over the years to suit the changing tastes of it audience. The proliferation of the genres of rock and jazz music though has not overshadowed the importance of traditional Irish music. Not only have Irish songs been extremely popular with the native inhabitants of Ireland, but the music has been doing great business in the overseas markets as well.