Irish Dancing Music

Irish dance and Irish music are inseparable. They have been intertwined in an inextricable manner over centuries. Irish dancing music is very important part of the socio-cultural festivals and festivities of the Irish people. There are broadly two types of irish dancing music; traditional and modern.

The traditional irish dancing music is important part of the traditional irish dances. The traditional dancing music of Ireland is mainly the music from the very traditional musical instruments, such as bagpipes, reed instruments, uilleann pipes, tin whistles (pennywhistles), flutes, bodhrán & bones, irish bouzouki, etc. However, the modern irish dancing music is the mainly the music from the modern music instruments, such as accordions, guitars, fiddles, pianos, saxophones, clarinets, etc., along with the traditional music instruments.

You can find a wide range of traditional as well as modern dancing music of Ireland. Some of the widely celebrated irish dancing music include The Drunken Sailor, Good Night, Take It Easy, St. Patrick's Day, Fisher's Hornpipe, The Wedding, Bonaparte's Retreat, Haste To The Wedding, Early In The Morning, With All My Heart, Garryowen, Welcome Home, Come In From The Rain, etc.

You may also find the traditional dancing music by modern as well as yester year musicians. The modern artists learn to create the dancing music based on the wonderful works of past masters. Some of the past masters of irish dancing music are Belhavel Trio, Joe Maguire's Pride of Erne Orchestra, Tom Ennis, James Morrison & John Miller, Moate Ceilidh Band, Ballinamore Ceilidhe Band, Aughrim Slopes Ceilidhe Band, Flanagan Brothers, Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, and Peter Conlon.

You can find loads of irish dancing music online. Internet offers you an easy & convenient way to purchase, download, or free download dancing music. There are a number of online music stores that offer loads of traditional & modern irish dancing music online.