Irish Dance Shoes

The Irish Dances are one of the most celebrated dances of the world. The Irish dances can be broadly categorized as SOCIAL and PERFORMANCE dances. The Irish Dances include Irish Step Dance, Irish Set Dance, and Sean-Nós.

The dancers in the performance dances of Ireland use specially designed dance shoes, which are often termed as irish dance shoes. The irish dance shoes are very important part of Irish dance costumes.

There are two types of irish dance shoes; HARD SHOES and SOFT SHOES. The hard shoes are heavy jig shoes. These shoes have tips and heels made of fiberglass. The early hard shoes had wooden or leather taps with metal nails, but the later shoes have taps and heels changed into resin or fiberglass to reduce the weight and to increase the footwork sounds. These dance shoes are often used in Irish step dancing and Sean-Nós. Tap dance was born from Irish step dancing and Sean-Nós in the 19th century. The dance shoes for tap dance have tips and heels made of metal.

The soft shoes are similar to ballet dance shoes, but without hard toe and the ribbons for laces. These dance shoes are called ghillies. Ghillies are only worn by girls while boys wear a black leather shoes that are similar to black jazz shoes with a hard heel. The boys’ soft-shoe dancing shoes feature audible heel clicks. Ghillies come in several designs. These dance shoes are soft, flexible, and ultra flexible. These shoes are made entirely with 100% calf leather that is soft supple leather, which gives the shoes terrific flexibility, which is an essential factor for Irish Dancing. The irish dance shoes may also include dance sneakers.

Internet offers you bulks of information on dance shoes. It is easy & convenient to buy your dance shoes online. There are a number of online stores selling irish dance shoes online, but the dance shoes should be purchased from reliable and registered online stores.