Irish Country Music

The term – country music – is often used for the simple style of folk music that became popular in the southern United States in the 1920s. Today there are several genres of country music, and the irish country music is one of the most popular country music genres.

The irish country music is important part of the Irish country life and culture. It is evolved from the country life of Ireland. It features the country life and culture of Ireland. The music is traditional folk music, Celtic music, gospel music, and old-time music that evolved among the Irish country people.

The irish country music is very popular among the Celtic nations and the Irish communities living abroad, particularly in the United States and Canada. The music is VOCAL as well as INSTRUMENTAL.

The instruments often used in the country music of Ireland are typically traditional irish musical instruments, such as celtic harps, citterns, bagpipes, banjo, reed instruments, uilleann pipes, fiddles, tin whistles (pennywhistles), flutes, bodhrán & bones, concertinas, melodeons, irish bouzoukis, guitars, hammered dulcimers, and percussions.

There is an extensive list of irish country music vocalists, which may include Al Grant, Ann Breen, Ann Williamson, Big Tom, Barnbrack, Barry Doyle, Black Family, Brendan Grace, Brendan Shine, Chieftains, Christy Moore, Charlie Landsborough, Clannad, Daniel O'Donnell, Declan Nerney, Dominic Kirwan, The Dubliners, Eamon McCann, Enya, Frank McCaffrey, The Fureys, Hugo Duncan, The Irish Tenors, Isla Grant, James Kilbane, Jim McCann, Jimmy Buckley, Joe Dolan, Johnny McEvoy, John Hogan, Johnny Loughrey, Kathy Durkin, Louise Morrissey, Margo, Mary Black, Mary Duff, Martin Cuffe, Michael English, Mick Flavin, Patrick Feeney, Paddy Reilly, Paul Donnelly, Phil Coulter, Philomena Begley, The Pogues, Richie Kavanagh, Robert Mizzell, Sean Wilson, Shawn Cuddy, Smokie, Susan McCann, Theresa Rodgers, Thomas Maguire, Van Morrison, and Wolfe Tones.

Loads of irish country music is available online. There are a number of sites offering irish music downloads or even free music downloads online, but the music should be purchased and downloaded from licensed and reputed sites.