Left Handed Guitars

If you are a lefty and would like to learn how to play the guitar, be aware that left handed guitars are generally more expensive. The first and most obvious reason for this is the lesser number of left-handed players. Guitar sellers cannot justify keeping a large supply of left handed guitars in stock for only a small percentage of customers.

Secondly, while some may suggest reversing the strings on a standard guitar, this can affect the quality of the tone. In order to have a superb sounding guitar, the entire design must be transposed. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up your dream up learning to play the guitar.

While the number of left handed guitar models is limited, there still are some versions available. If you are not determined to have a specific model, you can obtain a guitar in a reasonable amount of time. Start out by checking with a music store in your area. If they cannot supply or refer you to another dealer, you’ll want to start shopping online.

Although your choices will be greater online, many guitarists may feel uncomfortable placing an order this way. Be sure to make a list of questions to ask the seller before agreeing to any type of purchase.

If you will be custom ordering a left handed guitar from a manufacturer, make sure they give you a timeframe when the guitar will be ready. It is not uncommon to have to wait several months for an instrument. In addition, once you have placed an order, the company will most likely expect payment for the product even if you locate another model in the meantime.

For beginning guitarists, the decision to purchase a left handed guitar can be a big investment. If at all possible, it is recommended that the student either borrow or rent an instrument until they decide if they want to play the instrument long term.