Bass Guitar Amplifiers

After the initial purchase of a bass guitar, the next item to consider is an amplifier. Choosing bass guitar amplifiers can be just as complicated as buying the guitar. There are several points you should acknowledge before making a purchase. The more you understand about the components of an amplifier and how it performs, the easier it will be to decide upon an amplifier that is right for you.

First you’ll need to decide upon a tube or solid state amplifier. A solid state amplifier is more affordable but has certain limits for sound quality. Once the amplifier reaches its maximum level, the overdrive quality is not as good as a tube amplifier.

However, besides being more expensive, a tube type amplifier is more delicate and prone to damage. Unless you perform for a large audience on a regular basis, a solid state amplifier should be sufficient.

Many buyers are confused about the speaker size of bass guitar amplifiers. A larger size speaker does not always mean better sound quality. The design of the speaker itself is more important than the size.

Since bass guitar amplifiers are prone to vibration, a strong heavy duty cabinet is preferred. An amplifier that contains both speaker screens and metal cap covers offers the best protection.

Another factor to consider is how you will transport the amplifier if necessary. Look for base guitar amplifiers that contain both a handle and wheels for simpler transporting. You may even want to invest in a cart with wheels if your amplifier is extremely heavy.

Finally, you’ll want to research prices before making a purchase. Bass guitar amplifiers come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Make sure the amp you choose both meets your needs and agrees with your budget. You do not have to purchase the most expensive amplifier on the market in order to get good sound quality.