Acoustic Electric Guitar

Did you know an acoustic electric guitar is considered to be a hybrid guitar?  These types of guitars first originated in the 1960’s and combined the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar with the powerful strength of an electric guitar. The result was a new sounding instrument that achieved great popularity.

An acoustic electric guitar can be purchased with either a small or large body shape. Size will determine such factors as tone and pickup. A guitar with a small body generally has a good pickup and is used along with a speaker system and amplifier. A larger size guitar will most often have a better tone than a smaller sized model.

The shape of the guitar you buy will most likely be related to what type of music you like to play. A guitar with a flat top is most common among musicians who prefer to play rock music, while a guitar with an arch shaped top is better for performing jazz or country tunes.

You can purchase an acoustic electric guitar that contains either six or twelve strings. For beginning guitarists, a six string guitar is much simpler to learn with.

The strings on an acoustic electric guitar are most often made of steel or nylon. The type of string used will affect the guitar tone and sound. Nylon strings are less popular but are the preferred choice for folk or classical guitar music. Steel strings are the standard choice and work well for performing most types of music including rock, jazz, and country.

An acoustic electric guitar can be composed of either a solid or a laminate top. Solid topped guitars are generally sturdier and more expensive. They also tend to produce a better sound quality. A laminate top guitar is made up of several pieces of wood that are glued together. Although generally not considered to be a high end instrument, a laminate top guitar should work just fine for amateur guitarists or those who only play occasionally.