Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics is a romantic comedy that is centered on two characters, that of Alex Fletcher and Sophie Fisher, played by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore respectively.

The story of music and lyrics tells of a 1980's pop star, Hugh Grant who was part of the hugely successful group called POP. After all these years he has resigned to his fate and admitted that he could be the biggest has been from his group. He lives in a decent apartment, that is by no means palatial and once in a month he drags himself to the supermarket opening.

Then enters Sophie Fisher a major in English literature, who has little faith in her own talent for writing. The conflict in music and lyrics arises when Grant is expected by star Cora Corman, Haley Bennett, to write a song for a duet that they will both perform to. This is Grants one time chance at a comeback. He wants to give it his best shot, but knows that it will not be easy considering that he has not written a song in ages.

He convinces Sophie (Drew) to help him. In the matter of a few days they compose a song. But after Cora's performance of “booty town”, when she calls Grant to the stage, she does not credit Sophie with the lyrics and Grants creation. This hurts Barrymore and she leaves.

Through the story, there is a gradual romantic inclination of Grant towards Barrymore and vice versa, he being the song artist who hates himself and the writer turned plant-waterer. The comic timing is undeniable and both the actors perform the parts to the hilt.

The movie music and lyrics also highlights the two angles that make for a good artist. First, talent and then professionalism. They are shown in both Grant and Barrymore and change faces as the movie proceeds. It lets the audience know that no matter how amusing and easy it may all look – it is a hell lot of hard work.