Free Music Downloads

No matter what sphere of life you maybe in, you can't miss the brou-ha-ha that comes with music nowadays. Free music downloads, are the talk of the town. It is on the lips of every student and music enthusiast that you meet today and there is absolutely no getting away from it.

Where Can You Look For It

Free music downloads is promised by tons of websites on the internet. Almost everyday a new website enters the group and promises its customers free music downloads that are of very good quality. However, what is the truth behind these companies? Before you make a decision and jump at the opportunity at hand, you should definitely try considering the more legal option of file-sharing programs that are available on the net.

What Are These sites All About

There are sites like limewire, bearshare, kazaA and shareaza that allow you to download free music that ranges from regular pop and rock to the remote Inuyasha and final fantasy music. Some even offer cell phone music. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for. These same sites have versions that are called Pro. Some of these versions are more expensive than the legal option available to you online. The basic difference between free file sharing programs and those that you will have to pay for is that, with the better version you will not have to bear the hassle of dealing with advertisements, spy ware and pop-ups.

Though the free music download sites are very tempting, almost all of them come with an added advantage of also having spy ware and pop-ups. With pay programs such as MP3 Advanced and download shield you are protected against spy ware, ad ware, you also are provided with technical support and they offer privacy protection.