Free MP3 Music Downloads

The United States of America has deemed the practice of free MP3 music downloads a punishable offense, but that has not stopped the practitioners from continuing their practice.

Free MP3 music downloads are still rampant and there is very little that artists can do to stop them. In fact, artists have accepted their fate and have aligned themselves to pay music websites, where you are assured safer and faster downloads.

The beginning of this genre of free MP3 downloads can be traced back to the 90's when the entire practice was gripping the United States like a mania. People were downloading like there was no tomorrow. It saw its height in 1999.

The downfall began after Metallica and Dr Dre filed lawsuits after finding their music in circulation even before it had been released. That's when the music moguls came up in arms against the advocates of free MP3 music downloads. The Government of the United States deemed the practice as a punishable offense even decreeing prison time for such activity.

Despite the advocates saying that the music produced by the artists was no longer worth paying for, the copyright laws stood their ground and the artists won because in circulating their music without their permission people were tearing down copyright laws.

Free MP3 music downloads carried on even after that. The only difference was that now it was in a shadier and more underhand fashion. Not event the law could curb these activities. The artist came up with solutions like pay music websites to protect their profits. It is seen even today as a no win situation and both parties have reconciled their fate.