Free MP3 Music Download

The 90's marked the beginning of the free MP3 music downloads. It was that time in the history of music that was marked by anarchy and lawlessness. There was so much music that was available online for free and music fans were downloading like savages. Year 1999 can be said to be the height of this revolution.

Peer-to-peer music sharing made it easy for fans to download their favorite song without having to buy the entire album. The turn in the revolution came when the hard rock band Metallica found that their song “I Disappear” was on the net, available to download even before they had released it. They filed a lawsuit and Dr Dre, of the rap fame followed them.

Artists and music companies argued that downloading of free MP3 music affected their profits adversely and that not only was it damaging economically, but legally it meant the infringement of copyright laws. This was deemed as unacceptable. The advocates of free MP3 music downloads and peer-to-peer music argued that they were compelled to allow free downloads since most of the artists no longer produced music that was worth the purchase of their album.

It was an irreconcilable situation and that led to interference by the United States Government. The Government judged in favor of the artists, the music companies, and all peer-to-peer and free MP3 music downloads were considered a crime punishable by law and even prison time. This did not resolve the situation because free MP3 music downloads still continued in rather shady fashion.

Soon both parties realized that it was a no win situation. The song artists decided to provide better and faster downloads through pay-music sites and that gave the free MP3 music downloads a run for their money. However, they operate even now and still provide listeners with song downloads though their downloads come with the downside of being infected by spy ware and viruses.