CD Music Clubs

Everyone has heard of the many CD music clubs that are advertised in many places throughout the media.  While these programs seem like a great deal to begin with, it is important to consider if CD music clubs are the best program for you to join. 

The way many CD music clubs work is that you sign up for the program, and initially get to choose between ten and twenty CDs at an extremely low rate, sometimes as low as a dollar, after paying the initial sign up fee.  However, a potential purchaser or member of one of these CD music clubs should make sure that they are willing to hold up the rest of the deal.  Usually CD music clubs require that the member purchase a certain amount of CDs each year, depending on what program they sign up for. For the avid music listener, this is a great deal, however, many people do not buy the required amount of CDs in a normal year, and end up spending more money for being in one of these CD music clubs then they would have wanted to spend.  

CD music clubs do have many benefits.  Some benefits include the ability to purchase CDs at wholesale prices, a large selection of CDs available at one place, special club member discounts, and the ability to have the music delivered directly to the members house. For the avid CD music listener, CD music clubs are great programs that allow people to get many CDs at great prices, unmatched by most chain music stores.