Folk Song Lyrics

The word “folk” means people in general. So, folk song lyrics are the songs or lyrics of folk i.e. the people in general. The songs or lyrics that manifest the culture or the way of life, which exists now or in the past or is about to disappear or in some cases, to be preserved or somehow revived are folk song lyrics.

The folk song lyrics are evolved among people and are passed down from generation to generation by oral traditions. However, the contemporary lyrics based on the folk traditions and expressing folk culture or the way of life, are also categorized as folk song lyrics.

According to Gene Shay, co-founder and host of the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the folk music is the music of people and the folk song lyrics have a sense of community. The folk music and folk songs and lyrics are rarely written for profit rather they are rich part of culture.

The folk song lyrics are very popular among people. These songs and lyrics are always appreciated because they are associated with people and important part of culture. Often, contemporary singers are more interested in singing folk song lyrics for two reasons; first, the folk song lyrics are associated with culture and second, these songs/lyrics are more appealing to the people in general. This is the reason that most of the professional singers nowadays sing folk song lyrics.

Internet is rich source of folk song lyrics. The folk songs and lyrics from various cultures can be accessed thru internet. There are many sites offering the sheets of folk music and folk lyric songs. Folk music and folk lyric songs can be downloaded via internet. The written form of folk music and folk lyric and songs can really help leaning folk music.