Folk Music Sheet

Folk music is often defined as the traditional music of a particular region. The music may also include the popular music based on traditional music. Folk music is often performed by professional musicians in the modern times.

Folk music sheet is the hand-written or printed form of musical notation of folk music. Traditionally & commonly, sheet or paper is the material used to create or write folk music sheet, but in the recent times, computer technology is more commonly used for the purpose. The music sheets for folk music are usually used as records, or guide to learn folk music – vocal as well as instrumental.

Generally, the folk music sheets are available for – INSTRUMENTAL as well as VOCAL music. The music sheets are commonly available for folk music instruments, such as accordion, autoharp, bagpipe, banjo, bodhran, bouzouki and irish bouzouki, bullroarer, cello, clarinet, cavaquinho, çifteliabitch, concertina, daegeum, dulcimer, didgeridoo, erhu, fidil / fiddle, flute, gayageum, guitar, guitar tab, haegeum, harmonica, harp, hammer dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, jew's harp, kantele, klopotec, kobza, lute, mandola, mandocello, mandolin and octave mandolin, quena, tin whistle, ukulele, violin, washboard, willow flute, and zither. You can also find folk music sheet for percussion (drums), piano, keyboard, organ, recorder, saxophone, steel guitar, and viola.

The music sheets are also available for the various folk music genres including – American Music, ancient Music, Bluegrass Music, Celtic Music, Christian Music, Christmas Music, Classical Music, Flamenco Music, Folk Music, Irish Music, Jazz Music, Popular Music, Scottish Music, etc.

The best and convenient folk music sheet source is Internet. Internet lets you search and buy folk music sheet online. There are numerous sites offering the music sheet downloads and free music sheet download online, but you get your sheet music from reputed sites.