Folk Music Instruments

The musical instruments that have developed and evolved among common people and usually don't have known inventors are commonly known as folk music instruments. These instruments are very significant part of Folk/Traditional music. The folk music instruments are sometimes also known as traditional music instruments.

Folk music instruments are usually made from wood, metal or other material. These musical instruments may include string instruments, wind instruments, flutes, trumpets, and percussion instruments.

There is an extensive range of folk music instruments that are popularly used in different regions of the world. These musical instruments of folk music from different regions of the world include – autoharp, bagpipe, banjo, bodhran, bouzouki, Irish bouzouki, Bullroarer, cavaquinho, çifteliabitch, concertina, daegeum, didgeridoo, dhol, dhalak, dotara, doyra, dranyen, dulcimer, ektara, erhu, Fidil/Fiddle, gayageum, guitar, haegeum, harmonica, hammer dulcimer, haat baya, hurdy gurdy, harp, jew's harp, kantele, khamak, klopotec, kobza, lute, mandola, mandocello, mandolin, octave mandolin, mridangam, musical saw, naal, prem juri, quena, salamiyyah, shofar, tin whistle, ukulele, violin, washboard, flute, willow flute, and zither.

However, some musical instruments may not be categorized as folk music instruments, as they do not meet the criteria for classifying the music instruments of folk; yet they are referred to as folk music instruments because they commonly appear in folk music. Some of such musical instruments include accordion, brass (various), cello, clarinet, harmonica, mandolin, percussion, piano, keyboard, organ, saxophone, steel guitar, etc.

Celtic music is a living tradition. Celtic folk music and musical instruments are very popular, particularly in the United States nowadays. Typically, Celtic folk music instruments include celtic harp, citterns, bagpipes, banjo, button accordion, piano accordion, reed instruments, stand-up bass, uilleann pipes, fiddle, tin whistle (pennywhistle), flute, bodhrán & bones, bombarde, concertina, melodeon, bouzoukis, irish bouzouki, guitars, harp, hammered dulcimer, and percussion.